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Welcome to Silver's coding place !

Hello everybody, I am Silver from
My goal is to help members to automate their roulette systems.
I have already created a lot of scripts for many members of MMM Community - all my scripts 100% meat system's requirements.

My scripts may do anything on the roulette table - place bets, do calculations, wait for good betting opportunity, and more, and more ...

So you will not need to seat with pen and paper - and do calculations yourself - the script will do everything and will provide full information about process.

More information you may read here.

Buy RSS/RSS_Pro via this link - and I will code your 1st script for free.
You will receive your script for all supported platforms.
Also you will obtain full support/help services related to your script.
In case you are interested in my offer - use this link to purchase RSS/RSS_Pro.

Note1: scripts created via this offer will have Simple_GUI.
Note2: you may contact me on email for any questions.

Also you may go to Youtube and look for videos added by me - that describe what may do RSS.


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