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What is Roulette Scripter Studio (RSS)

Part1. What is RSS.
Roulette Scripter Studio - is a tool. Using it and having a good script - you may fully automate you roulette strategy.
So the RSS, with a well organized script, may do:
- calculate the balance, will check if the balance reach the wished value
- calculated when it is time to bet - based on your own strategy
- offer full detailed information about all bets, triggers, alert, etc. - so everything will be visible and clear. Nothing to remain in black box.
- save all information to a file - for further analyse.
- and more, and more, and more - just infinite facilities

Part2. How to obtain RSS.

You should go to - and purchase RSS for preferred roulette platform - Playtech, BetVoyager, etc.

Part3. How to obtain a script based on custom roulette system/strategy.

In order to obtain a well organized script - you should have a roulette system/strategy - that you want to automate. In case you have the system - then the process is like this:

You send to me - the full description of you system.
I will read it. In case I will have some questions -we will discuss via email - till everything will be clear for me.
After everything is clear - I will analyse the complexity of the system - and will tell how much will cost to create a script.
Also I will tell how payment should be sent: Moneybookers (highly preferred) or other ways.
After payment is received - the work begin. Usually timescale to create a script is 2-4 business days. In a short time the script is ready, tested - and send to your email.
Also you obtain a full instruction - of how to use the script. And the link to Frequently Asked Questions.
In case of appear some additional questions related to using a script - feel free to ask me.

Part4. Example of instruction. Or how to run/work with the ready script.
In most cases a script - represent 2 files.
One file is the library with useful information - s_utils - you dont work with it.
The other file script_name.psc - is the main file - main work is with that file.

So script_name.psc - it is a text/based file - it may be open and edited in any text editor.
Also it may be edited in RSS - before run it.
In the script_name.psc - you will have to work only with few lines of text - everything is described in the instruction that you receive wit the script.

Example of part of the script that is need to be adjusted:
This is example of script that play sleepers.

Pay attention to lines74-77
It play Red, Column1, single0 and street4. Every of these element have its own trigger and progression.
Red - trigger=4, progression=1,2,4,8,...
Column1 - trigger=5, progression=1,1,2,3,4,6,...
single0 - trigger=200, progression=1,1,1,2,2,2,3,...
street4 - trigger=13, progression=1,1,3,4,6,9,...

Now pay attention to line73
Here you may see:
- value of 1 unit - 0.1 dollars (euros, GBP, etc.)
- name of casino - Roulette Pro - Casino Tropez

Now pay attention to line82 - here is the chips declaration.

Well, by changing all those values from lines 73-77 and line 82 - this script may be adjusted
Also by adding/remove elements to play - lines74-77 - this script may be adjusted to play more elements at the same time

Example of the same script adjusted to other requirements

So here was changed:
- the value of 1 unit - was changed to 2 dollars - see line73
- was changed the casino name - see line73
- the trigger for Red was changed to 14 - see line74
- the progression for column1 was changed to 1,3,9,27 - see line75
- were added 2 elements column2 and column3 - see lines76-77
- was removed single0 and added single22 with trigger=150 - see line78
- were changed chips values - due to play in other casino - see line84

So as seen from the examples above - it is very easy to change settings in the script.

Part5. Output information
As it is seen from 2 images above - at the bottom of the RSS window is located the output information - and there is seen all necessary information related to every spin.
This information may be adjusted to any needs.

In case you have some good strategy - and you want to automate it - in order to not stay with pen and paper - the RSS is the tool you need. Because RSS have no limits. It may be adjusted to play any existing roulette system/strategy.

RSS is limited only by your imagination

For more details related to how to order a script, see How to order a script.

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