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What are the difference between RSS_Pro and RSS_simple

The main difference is that RSS_Pro - have Graphic User Interface (GUI).
In rest RSS_Pro and RSS_simple do exactly same operation - so functions that interact with casino window are exactly the same. This mean that operations with roulette table such as - place bets, read landed numbers, etc - are exactly the same in both RSS.

So using RSS_Pro is possible to build such complex interface as you may see in next picture.
But to build the such complex interface (GUI) - is the big work.
Just want you to know that creating a script for RSS_simple - let say cost X USD. But same script for RSS_Pro - with GUI that contain a lot of edits, forms, tables, etc.  - will cost triple or much more - because creating a GUI - take a lot of time.

There is a way to have a script for RSS_Pro with the same price as RSS_simple. But this RSS_pro script will have minimal interface - only 3 buttons. In this case the script for RSS_Pro will have same cost as the script for RSS_simple.

There are 3 options of the RSS_Pro GUI - Graphic_User_Interface:
a. Simple GUI - Form will have only 3 butons: START, STOP, CLEAR - all settings are changed in the script's body - see example in image1.
b. Medium GUI - Form contain only general_settings (starting balance, stop_loss, chips, ...) and specific system_settings are changed in the script's body - will cost additional 10 USD - see example in image2.
c. Full GUI - Form contain general_settings and system_settings (along with general_settings - to have all specific settings for played system on the Form) - will cost additional 10+XX USD (XX will differ due to every system complexity) - see example in image3.
Link to images - RSS_Pro interface options

RSS_Pro interface options

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