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For Macintosh, Linux or any other platforms please consider to use Virtual Machine.
Money Maker Machine Full Package   180$   Subscription:
Subscription is an option to pay 20% from the Full Package 50% already discounted price (1800$ real price) and use it during the period of one month.
This option is good for all who are looking for demos or trials or simple want to use all our 14 products during the period of one month.
Subscription is a one time payment option. No recurring payments are applied.
20% from (900$=[50% from 1800$]) = 180$
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EXCEPTION: If the purchase was made by a mistake by an USA or France customer for which we do not offer at this time services or products then for sure we will do a refund. Also the refund can receive customers which do not have a computer with Windows or customers which do not know how to install and use Virtual Machine under Linux or Macintosh to run there Windows and which made the purchase without to read carefully the site. These are exactly the cases when we can be sure that the customer can not use our products. Even with this you must know that the refund must be asked during the period of max 1-3 days after the purchase and not after one week, one month or more.
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