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Banned jurisdictions: USA, Australia, France, Turkey...
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With our roulette software you can play any roulette system. Use of embedded Real Money Simulator will help you to avoid any loses.

We have 11 different products for different roulette strategies: starting from the most simple and ending with the most complex.

Our roulette software are perfect as for newbies as for professional roulette players.

All our products are auto play roulette software and have an embedded Real Money Simulator which will help you to avoid loses.

Red / Black Roulette Systems Studio

Let start with RBS which is for roulette strategies based on Red and Black bets. With it you can create you own very unique roulette strategy also load other shared roulette strategies. It is an auto play roulette software. While playing roulette The Real Money Simulator module never will allow you to lose. Do not play ever a roulette streategy which was not tested with Real Money Simulator.

red and black roulette systems studio screen

Dozen / Column Roulette Systems Studio

dozen and column roulette systems studio screen
Next our roulette software is called DCS. It has all the features has RBS. The single difference is that it play roulette strategies based on Dozens or Columns. Both product come with a lot of free shared roulette strategies. There are more than 6000 free shared roulette stratetegies for RBS and more than 1000 free shared roulette strategies for DCS.

Roulette Scripter Studio

But how about roulette strategies based on all roulette elements like: numbers, red/black, high/low, odd/even, split bets, street bets, corner bets, line bets, four bet, columns, dozens? RSS si the roulette software can help you. It is based on scripts and you can find a lot of free shared scripts on our site.

roulette scripter studio screen

Roulette Scripter Studio Pro

You will ask me why PRO version? The single difference between RSS and RSS Pro is an user friendly interface. If your roulette project contain a lot of input and output data then PRO version for sure will be your best choice.
roulette scripter studio pro screen

Roulette Player

roulette player software screen
RP is our most advanced roulette software based on scripts. It has all the features has RSS and RSS Pro. The most important feature of RP is that you can share your own roulette project also play other shared roulette projects.

RNG Studio

While playing roulette you have to deal with random numbers. RNG Studio is the software which is capable to generate RNG Modules. Each RNG Module is capable to generate random numbers. So we have a software which should help you to test any roulette system in a long run. Some players think if they test a roulette system for a sequence of 1000,000 numbers this will be enough. With RNG Studio you can test your roulette strategy with 2,147,483,648 different RNG Modules each with a sequence of up to 2,147,483,648 random numbers.
rng studio screen

AVSB Console

From here we will continue with a new type of roulette software all related to roulette prediction. AVSB is the first and most simple to use. The main idea behind this software is called analyze. As you know each casino use RNG Module to generate random numbers. Our approach is to use another RNG Module generated with RNG Studio and play against casino.
AVSB prediction roulette software screen

AVSB Pro Console

The Pro version is based on the same concept as AVSB but have much more features. We developed it based on our customers requests. It is perfect for slow strategies and get much more advantages. Finally do not forgot that all our products are auto play so all you have to do is to set up them and watch the game.

AVSB Pro prediction roulette software screen

X2VS1 Console

X2VS1 prediction roulette software screen
X2VS1 is another our software related to prediction. If AVSB and AVSB Pro is based on only one analyze module then X2VS1 come with two analyze modules where one of them is always active and another work in the background.
You can always switch from one analyze module to another. 

Next roulette prediction software is X3VS1 and let me explain.
If in case of X2VS1 we have two analyze modules where one is always active and another work in the background and you can switch between them then in case of X3VS1 we use a totally different approach. X3VS1 use three analyze modules and all are active and the prediction result is the sum of all three analyze modules.

X3VS1 Console

X3VS1 prediction roulette software screen

X8VS1 Console

X8VS1 is the last roulette prediction software we have.
X8VS1 use eight analyze modules and you decide how many of them should be active. The prediction result is the sum of all active analyze modules. Use one analyze module and it will work like AVSB or use three analyze modules and it will work like X3VS1.

X8VS1 prediction roulette software screen
As you can see we have the most advanced roulette software available on this market.

You have to decide what you need based on your playing style.

You can get any single product or get a package.

If your strategy is based on simple bets like: Red / Black / Columns / Dozens then
Base Package will be your best choice.

If you want to play complex roulette strategies then
Coder Package will be for you.

If you are looking for roulette prediction then
RNG Package will be the single perfect choice.

Finally if you are looking for the most complete roulette solution then
Full Package is your unique choice.

To not forget we have something free for you -> our Roulette Scam Database.